About Me

I am 3rd year Ph.D. in computer science in the VT SAIL lab under the supervision of my advisor, Eugenia Rho. My research interests include Computational Social Science, Computational Linguistics, and Natural Language Processing. Prior to VT, I received my MS in Computer Science from GMU where I worked with Gheorghe Tecuci.

My current research interests center around encouraging AI to achieve human-level intelligence through human-computer interaction and fostering collaboration between AI and humans:

Interplay of Embedded Models and Statistical Methods: I’m interested in understanding the connectivity between the language used in news media and social media over the past decade. We delve into whether and how polarization in TV news language predicts semantic polarity trends across Twitter, shedding light on how TV news shapes the discourse of online audiences.

Utilization of Large Language Models: My research is investigating how language patterns in social media conversations opposing COVID-19 public health practices are empirically tied to national health outcomes in the U.S. during the most recent pandemic.

Human-Large Language Model Collaboration: We aim to familiarize people with specialized versions of Large Language Models (LLMs) that can aid in combating online hate speech, in various tonalities. Currently, we are working on a project aimed at developing an AI-mediated educational and collaborative technology system to guide students, parents, and teachers on how to engage in viewpoint exchange and empathy-based online responses safely. This information will be included on my homepage to outline my research interests.